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Rough Guide to Manu Dibango World Music Network 2004, RGNET 1144 CD 
A 13-track CD compiled with input from the artist himself, showing the diversity of his musicianship over 40 years - Manu himself calls it a disc of many colours with the subtitle Afro-avant-garde. First and foremost he plays sax but also marimba and vocals. His most popular genres of makossa, funk, jazz, soul and groove are all here. For a brilliant guide to Manu's music look no further! Buy now!

Voices of South Africa, from National Geographic's Music Explorer series, has 17-tracks documenting the rich history of South African music. It gives a glimpse of the great variety of musical styles going from the 1950s, through the apartheid years and on to the current Rainbow Nation times, from the Manhattan Brothers to Ladysmith Black Mambazo. Thus the CD features marabi, township jazz, kwela, mbube, gospel, mbaqanga and kwaito. Buy now!
Compilation Congolese Soukous World Music Network 2000, RGNET 1050 CD 
Twelve tracks from the favourites Papa Wemba (Overdose), Franco & Sam Mangwana (Cooperation), Kanda Bongo Man (Sai), Tabu Ley 'Rochereau' (Sarah), Koffi Olomide (Loi), Déesse Mukangi (La Vie), Yondo Sister (Bilanga). Includes a booklet with notes by Graeme Ewens (Franco's biographer) and a bonus data track from the Rough Guides on the music of Congo.  Buy now! 
Kékélé Rumba Congo Sterns Africa, 2001 STCD 1093
Eight veteran musicians, Papa Noel, Jean-Papy, Syran, Nyboma, Djeskain, Bumba, Wuta-Mayi and Yves,  have collaborated to form the group Kékélé  for this 14-track CD. Broadly speaking, the songs are in the gentle, much-loved rumba style but with a few differences: listen out for violin on track 4! The last track, Likambo is rumba rock with a more modern/upbeat flavour. Booklet gives a 6-page history of Congolese music in both English and French. Buy now!
Somo Somo Ngobila Hello Hello Sterns Africa 1995, STCD 1065 
The maringa/kebo beat revived on 6 very accessible tracks. Lyrics and music by Mose Fan Fan. The 'Intrepid' Fan Fan, playing lead guitar on all tracks, is reunited  with vocalists 'Prince' Youlou Mabiala, Sam Mangwana and Saak Sakoul 'Sinatra', all of whom carry with them the musical history of Congo. Wuta Mayi, Syran Mbenza and Miguel Yamba are amongst the prominent musicians.          Buy now!
Mose Fan Fan Belle Epoque RetroAfric 1994, Retro 7CD 
All songs composed and arranged by Mose Fan Fan. This 'greatest hits' album has 10 tracks from 3 different eras. 2 tracks were recorded back in 1970 in Kinshasa during the time that Fan Fan was second lead guitarist to Franco, 4 in Dar es Salaam in 1979 when Fan Fan played with Orchestre Makassy with Remi Ongala, and the rest in Nairobi, the final track being the Kenyan version of Fan Fan's own theme song,  Suki Pembe Somo Somo. 
Bana O.K. Bakitani Stern's Africa 1993, STCD 1042
Produced by Mose Fan Fan. Six tracks by saxophonist J.M. Rondot Kasongo wa Kasongo except Kamolema by   Fan Fan. Bana O.K. is a group of former members of Franco's O.K. Jazz. 'Bakitani' means heritage. Through this recording Bana O.K. recognise their valuable musical heritage. Mose Fan Fan and Papa Noel are on guitars with Rondot Kasongo wa Kasongo, Malange Delougendo and Baniel Mbambou on vocals. 
Deyess Little Goddess Sterns Africa 1992, STCD 1040
Seven rumba tracks, two are instrumentals.

On this, her debut solo album made at the age of 22, Déesse, described as honey-voiced and angelic, is accompanied by top musicians providing enticing Congolese rhythms and melodies.  These tracks are irresistible either for getting you up and dancing or sitting back and relaxing. 
Bozi Boziana & L'Orchestre Anti-Choc Bana Saint-Gabriel 1998, SM 1197 
Significantly, this CD was part of Bozi Boziana's KORA All-African music award in 1999 (Central Africa category). There are 10 tracks, featuring vocalists Evoloko Joker, Betty Bis Kindobika and Déesse Mukangi accompanying Bozi, with Rigo Star on guitar and other prominent Anti-Choc musicians. Enjoy, for example, the intense appeal of Tourment
Papa Noel Bel Ami  Stern's African Classics 2000, STCD 3016 
A compilation of 8 tracks, selected by Papa Noel himself, brought out specially to coincide with and celebrate Papa Noel's 60th birthday, Christmas Day 2000. There are 4 tracks from each of the albums Bon Samaritain Edition Production I.A.D. Sound, Brazzaville 1984 and Haute Tension Produced by Maphis Mampoko & Alino-Matabisi 1994. A real gem. Features Wuta Mayi on vocals. All compositions and arrangements by Papa Noel.    Buy now!
Compilation Miguel Yamba presents Karamba  Lusafrica 1998, 262622 
Described as Rumba-Zouk-Soukous-Merengue-Salsa so whether you enjoy the more Latin sound or the Congolese sound, there is something for you here. Eleven tracks featuring Koffi Olomide, Papa Wemba, Déesse, Wuta Mayi and, of course, Miguel Yamba himself. Three tracks are Miguel Yamba's compositions, titles such as Afrodiziak.   Buy now!
Abdul Tee-Jay's Rokoto E'Go Lef Pan You Tee-Jay Disque, 1997 TJFMS 7030-2 Eleven tracks of an amazing blend of high-life, Congolese and traditional rhythms make this compulsive listening. Several different languages can be heard also. The hauntingly beautiful track,Taransis, is purely instrumental. Instruments such as kongoma, balafon, kondi, drums and of course guitars are used but above all Abdul Tee-Jay's distinctive voice shines through. He was also the composer, arranger and producer. Buy now!
Manu Dibango Wakafrika  Fnac Music Production 1994, BLM 001 CD Wakafrika (i.e. Walk Africa). This is a must-have album, very significant - just look at the cover! Manu Dibango's project brings together, on one CD, tracks by top star musicians Youssou N'dour, Salif Keita, Angelique Kidjo, Papa Wemba, Sinead O'Connor on classic songs such as Homeless, Pata Pata and Wimoweh. Manu Dibango accompanies all tracks and  there are 2 by the Soul Makossa Band.         Buy now!
Manu Dibango Anthology Eagle Records 2000
Excellent value for money 3 CD boxed set with  a total of 34 tracks, amounting to 3 hours and 15 minutes including Africadelic (1960), Soul Makossa (1999), Bolingo City (1996), Mouna Loba (1995). A great variety and  extremely appealing - just compare the beautifulOn Na Mba with Pepe Soup! Still only covers a fraction of Dibango's prolific work. Booklet with brief  biographical notes.  Buy now!
Manu Dibango Mboa' Su  kamer feelin' Groupe JPS 2000, JPS 64 Seven tracks, the most notable being Aye Africa (Le Bucheron), a new arrangement of the classic song originally by Franklin Boukaka from Congo. Manu Dibango performed this at the millennium celebrations on Robben Island and his link to it goes back to 1970 as he accompanied Boukaka on the original recording. The track Big Blow is a tribute to Fela Kuti.           Buy now!
Franklin Boukaka A Paris Sonafric 1970, CD 50048
With arrangements by Manu Dibango. An outstanding 12-track CD, seven  of which have gentle rumba rhythms. The most important are Le Bucheron, Pont sur le Congo and Les Immortels. Franklin sang the latter at the Pan-African Cultural Festival in 1969. Boukaka's beautiful voice with exquisite accompaniments from guitar, piano, violin and saxophone without any backing vocalists is a real ear-opener! 
Angelique Kidjo Black Ivory Soul, Sonyjazz, 2002 Angelique goes on a musical pilgrimage exploring links with her homeland, Benin and the Brazilian province of Bahia . She presents some soulful ballads and a pleasing orchestration of strings on some tracks and, for Okan Bale,  Mamadou Diabate plays kora. There is great variety on this CD but the unique sounds of Angelique's voice can still be heard loud and clear: 'Afrika' stands out as a memorable anthem and it is dedicated to Miriam Makeba. Buy now!
Oliver Mtukudzi vhunze moto Putumayo 2002, PUT 199-2  Nine very compelling tracks of Oliver's compositions, on which he sings and plays guitar using his own special beat, Tuku Music, from Zimbabwe. He's joined by his band The Black Spirits and guest musicians include Steve Dyer on saxophone and Paul Hanmer on piano. Booklet has lyrics in Shona and English and many contain advice or proverbs.
Buy now!
Baaba Maal missing you (mi yeewnii) Palm Pictures, 2001 
PalmCD 2067-2 

Eleven tracks of traditional acoustic music by Baaba Maal, with instruments including balafon and calabash. Prominent musicians featured are Mansour Seck and Kante Manfila.  Two very appealing tracks, jamma jenngi and miyaabele (unite) feature London Community Gospel Choir. The accompanying leaflet has stunning photos and brief summaries of the lyrics in French and English. Buy now!
Souad Massi Raoui Wrasse Records 2001, WRASS 061
All except one of the fourteen wonderful tracks are composed by Souad.  There are different styles in which Souad sings and accompanies herself on acoustic guitar. Other instruments used are oud and karkabou. Most lyrics are in Arabic but some are in French. The enclosed booklet has all the lyrics printed in French. Track 10, J'ai pas de temps, is particularly poignant. Buy now!

Sally Nyolo Zaione Lusafrica 2002, 49362782 New and fresh but typical Cameroonian colourful sounds from Sally Nyolo with guests featuring Princess Erika and Suber. Sally presents 15 tracks, her own compositions, mostly bikutsi rhythms but also blending in a bit of reggae in some tracks, instruments such as the violin on others. Printed booklet includes summaries of the tracks in English and French, plus great photos of Sally! Buy now!

Aster Aweke Kabu Triple Earth 1991, terra cd 110
Eight tracks involving a large number of musicians including saxophonist Ray Carless, and Roland Perrin on keyboards. Aster's voice is truly unique. All the tracks are either Aster's own compositions or adaptations of traditional songs such as Eyoha, traditionally sung by young girls at the Ethiopian New Year as they give out daisies. The booklet gives English translations of all the lyrics.         Buy now!
Mose 'Fan Fan' The Congo Acoustic Triple Earth 1999, TRECD 119 Congolese rumba music featuring maestro guitarist Fan Fan on vocals and acoustic guitar, Déesse Mukangi, vocals, Ray Carless on saxophone, Francis Fuster on percussion, Douglas Munana on bass.  Eight mellow yet stunning acoustic tracks. All lyrics and music by Fan Fan,  Lyrics in Kiswahili/Lingala/KiKongo with English and French translations. Two tracks are instrumentals, Lwambo is a tribute to Franco.