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Text and photos, except where otherwise credited, © African Musicians Profiles, 2001-2004. Graphics created by Spitfire-Design. Backgrounds by coolnotions. PLEASE DO NOT USE ANY TEXT OR PHOTOS WITHOUT CONTACTING AFRICAN MUSICIANS PROFILES FOR PERMISSION BY EMAIL!!!

High energy dancing from Samba Mapangala and Orchestra Virunga, UK tour 2006 © Ethan Bloomberg

Samba Mapangala and Syran Mbenza, 2006 © Ethan Bloomberg

A most memorable performance by Mose Fan Fan and Papa Noel as they played together at WOMAD 2000. Also on stage  were Syran Mbenza (guitar) and Miguel Yamba (bass). What a treat that was!

Déesse leading the soukous dance moves at the Spitz in London where she joined in Mose Fan Fan's tour 'A Night in Kinshasa', October 2000.
Syran Mbenza fine-tuning at Ronnie Scotts, London, during Kékélé's second show there, December 2001.

Kékélé and friends at Ronnie Scotts, London,  just before going on stage for their second show there, December 2001.
The Mahotella Queens thrilled the audience with their energy at 100 Club, London, December 2001

Batanai Marimba from Zimbabwe on stage at the Barbican, September 2000.

Batanai Marimba from Zimbabwe at the Barbican, September 2000.

Koko Kanyinda and Bucarr Ndow entertain in Brighton, 2001

Kanda Bongo Man leads, with Rabbi Makuta close behind at 100 Club London, 2001

Nder and his band from Senegal on stage at the Barbican, May 2001

Two mbira players from the band Zimba re Mabwe performing at Mwalimu Express, Clapham, London